What is ForeverProject?

Loon, and all Boyne Resorts, are committed to a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero throughout our North American operations by 2030. All partnered resorts together with the ForeverProject, will work to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

"Human driven climate change is an urgent issue for the world and most certainly for the snowsports industry. Though we have been a thoughtful steward of our resort properties over the last eight decades, it was clear to our team that we were not doing enough and fast enough if we are to truly help reverse the effects our carbon footprint has on the planet's climate."

Stephen Kircher, Boyne Resorts President and CEO

The mountains are not only our playground; they are also our home.

Situated in the scenic White Mountain National Forest, Loon is committed to being stewards of the surrounding environment and community. As a resort, we strive to implement sustainable practices to be better environmental advocates and protect what we love most. In order to preserve this majestic environment forever, we must all take an active role to protect it.

Together with these guiding principles below, we can achieve our goals to protect forever – and strengthen that bond which unites our community.

ForeverProject Loon's sustainability initiatives

Flight Path: 2030

Loon's ten-year plan, focused on modern innovations, to implement goals supporting Loon's environmental commitments and other transformative visions. Our Environmental Commitments act as the fourth pillar of our FlightPath plans to transform the resort into a more environmentally responsible entity.

Latest News

  • Golden Eagle Award

    Boyne Resorts receives Golden Eagle Award for environmental excellence

  • Offset Your Trip

    One of the major steps Loon Mountain has taken in reaching our 2030 net-zero emissions goal is to partner with Tradewater to offset emissions from our operation.

  • Clean Energy NH Membership

    Loon Mountain Resort has become a member of Clean Energy New Hampshire

  • Turn the Key, Be Idle Free

    Take action in reducing the resort's carbon footprint!

  • Climate Collaborative Charter

    Charter partners commit to fight climate change

  • Renewable Energy Credits

    Boyne Resorts has purchased renewable energy credits

  • Sustainable Slopes Badges

    Loon proudly earns NSAA Climate Challenge badges

  • Loon Adopts Procurement Policy

    Loon adopts a procurement policy that highlights energy efficiency and sustainability.


Committed to a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2030

Sustainable Slopes

An active participant in NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes, promoting environmentally responsible operations across the ski industry.

Guest Engagement

Provide resources for guests and staff that support their environmentally conscious decisions. 

Maximize Every Minute


Further advance snowmaking systems to increase productivity and lower consumption—delivering more snow, with less energy.

fleet efficiency


Utilize highly efficient snowcats and cutting-edge GPS technology to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption.

Habitat Conservation

Mountain Biking

Adhere to guidelines of state and federal agencies to ensure our practices focus on preserving our ecological resources.

Proudly Earned Climate Awards