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Downhill Biking 101

The basics of MTB

Trying a new sport can be daunting, but we’re here to make it as easy as 1,2,3! Now is the perfect time to get outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and jump into something new. The trails at Loon are great for any skill level from beginners to seasoned biker but the best way to learn is with the Your Turn program – a rental, lift ticket and lesson combo to get you kicked started.

Your Turn

The Your Turn program is an all-in-one package to get you started riding downhill. The package includes a one-hour lesson, rental bike and protection, and a lift ticket. This is perfect for riders who have never tried downhill before. Your Turn will give the you the skills and confidence you need to take on downhill mountain bike trails.

Please be aware that class sizes are limited to 5 riders and the coach, so please plan ahead and book in advance.

What to Wear

When it comes to downhill biking, comfort and mobility are king. Here are some top tips:

  1. Top - Opting for a longer three-quarter sleeve shirt is a good place to start. Synthetic fabrics work best – you will get sweaty. Albow pads are available should you want them and can be worn over or under your shirt. 
  2. Bottom - Loose-fitting shorts work best, like your shirt these offer protection should you find yourself in a crash. Opt for longer pants or leggings on a cooler or rainy day. Should you want knee pads they are available and again they can be worn over or under your clothes. 
  3. Footwear - Closed toe shoes are required.  They should be stiff with a rubber sole, this helps with gripping the pedals while you ride. Socks should be longer and moisture wicking, offering some protection for your ankle and calf.
  4. Helmets – The most important part, helmets! When you participate in Your Turn at Loon, you automatically have access to a full-face helmet. 

What's Next?

We think you’re ready! It’s Your Turn now. Book your beginners program and get out there! The most important thing is that you to have fun and enjoy your time riding. Our team members are here to help, every step of the way from booking your trip, picking your rental equipment, getting on the lift and taking on the trails – go get ‘em!