The next step

Points South

30+ Acres and Four-Place Chairlift
Coming Winter 2023/24

South Peak Expansion

The next step of Flight Path: 2030 points South

We are proud to announce expansion plans at South Peak which include 30+ acres of terrain, a new four-place chairlift and fully automated snowmaking.

“Providing lift access and more skiing and riding closer to downtown Lincoln is exciting—and unique—particularly in the East.” said Brian Norton, Loon’s president and general manager.

We have been working closely with the United States Forest Service and South Peak Resort LLC to enhance the resort’s South Peak area and we are excited to open it during the 2023/24 winter season.

New Chairlift

The four-place chair, a new Doppelmayr Alpenstar 4-CLF chairlift with loading conveyor, will be installed at the bottom of the current Escape Route trail. Guests will be transported up 500 vertical feet to access Cruiser, via the Lincoln Express Quad. “Adding lift service just a mile and a half from Interstate 93, in the center of Lincoln, improves the guest experience immensely and is something we’ve been focused on for many years.” said Brian Norton.

30+ Acres

South Peak's expanded terrain will feature a variety of new trails as well as tree-skiing areas. Designated as a mix of Easiest (green circle) and More Difficult (blue square); the addition will increase Loon’s green-level terrain by over 50 percent and boost the resort to over 400 total skiable acres. “The topography here is ideal for learning to ski or snowboard.”said Norton. To service the new trails, we’ll be installing the most advanced and energy efficient snowmaking technology, including fully automated fan guns and frost-free pipes.

The Future

This project is the foundation for future development in this area. A new learning area, two surface lifts and a suite of facilities tailored around the learn-to ski and snowboard experience are also being planned. The current Undercut trail will see additional tree clearing to allow for more access to the new South Peak terrain.

Ticketing and other essential services will be available at the base of the new four-place chairlift and open during the 2023/24 season.

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    Four-place chairlift
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    30+ acres
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    50% increase in beginner terrain
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    1.5 miles from I-93

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“The South Peak expansion has been a key part of Loon’s master plan for decades and we are thrilled to be moving towards the next major milestone of Flight Path: 2030.” said Jay Scambio, COO of Boyne Resorts.
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