Kanc 8


Kancamagus 8, or Kanc 8, is an eight-seat D-Line Doppelmayr chair with ergonomically shaped heated seats and tinted bubble. Replacing the Kancamagus Express Quad, the Kanc 8 transports 3,500 skiers per hour to the top of some of Loon’s most popular terrain.

This new high-speed, eight-person chairlift also features an automatic restraining bar, individual footrests, and an adjustable loading carpet for young skiers and riders. The D-Line holds 205 new developments, including 31 innovations and 14 patents, making it the most modern chairlift in the world. Featuring new Doppelmayr Direct Drive (DDD) technology, a gearless drive allows whisper-quiet operation and low maintenance while increasing energy efficiency.

Other notable highlights of the new Kancamagus 8 include:
  • Travel speed of 18 ft. per second, or 1,100 ft. per minute
  • Weather-blocking tinted bubbles
  • Raiseable loading carpet
  • Conical towers
  • Bike haul capability

Progress Updates

Bike Laps Just Got 50% Faster | May 2022

New bike lift technology comes to the Kancamagus 8

Let's Ride! | December 2021

The grand opening of the Kancamagus 8 - Friday, December 10, 2021

Cheers To Kanc 8 | December 2021

The launch of Kanc 8| IPA

Wow Loading | December 2021

Installation Complete! There’s only one thing left to do—let’s open it up.

Coming Together | November 2021

Watch the newest episode of Kanc 8, Coming Together as we see the final touches take shape.

Windows, Walls & Chair Installs | October 2021

Exterior work nears completion and chairs are installed.

Haul Line & Bottom Terminal | September 2021

The haul line is installed, the roof nears completion and work begins on the exterior walls.

A Work of Art | Kanc 8 - Episode 2 | August 2021

Kanc 8 Update - Episode 2 | August 2021

Kanc 8 Top Terminal | July 2021

Work continues uphill, installing the Kance 8 top terminal

Kanc 8 Update | May 13

A new arrival from Austria as the work continues.

Kanc Quad Dismantling | April 2021

Crews have been been hard at work dismantling the Kancamagus Express Quad

Kanc 8 Update | February 2021

Parts prepare for departure from Austria