Loon Mountain Resort


  • Loon Mountain Resort
  • North Peak: 3,050ft.
    North Peak: 3,050ft.
  • Base: 950ft.
    Base: 950ft.

Lace up your hiking boots and explore 3+ miles of trails in the beautiful White Mountain National Forest. From the base of the mountain to the summits of Loon Peak and North Peak, these trails reward hikers with spectacular views of the northern peaks of the White Mountains - from the iconic, 6,288-foot Mount Washington to Mount Moosilauke near the Vermont border.

Big Views

Not up for a big workout? Take the Gondola Skyride to the summit of Loon Peak, where you can stroll the scenic Summit Loop, or enjoy a leisurely walk back down to the mountain’s base. All trails are well-marked with signage from summit to base.


  • 2 star rating
    Brookway Trail Challenge Level
  • 3 star rating
    Scenic Level

Brookway Trail

Enjoy scenic views of Boyle Brook as you make your way up the Brookway trail from the Octagon Lodge to Camp III. Once at Camp III you can hike a short loop on Brookway Extension or continue up to the summit of Loon Peak via the Bear Claw trail.

This trail ascends/descends 500 vertical feet over .8 miles.

  • 3 star rating
    Bear Claw Traill Challenge Level
  • 3 star rating
    Scenic Level

Bear Claw Trail

This trail will take you from Camp III to the summit of Loon Peak.  Make your way up the trail on the service road to the summit of Loon Peak. Great views of the town of Lincoln and the surrounding mountains, including Mount Moosilauke, the Kinsman Ridge, Franconia Notch, the Pemigewasset Wilderness, and Mount Washington.

This trail ascends/descends 1,200 feet over 1.6 miles

  • 5 star rating
    Sunset Loop Challenge Level
  • 5 star rating
    Scenic Level

Sunset Loop

From the summit of Loon Peak, start down Bear Claw Extension and turn left to start up the Sunset Trail. From there, you'll ascend the ski trail to the summit of North Peak. Once at summit you'll be rewarded with expansive views, including Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States ( 6,288 ft.)

This trail ascends/descends 300 feet over .6 miles

Hiking Tips