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Home Loon Mountain Resort Policies Uphill Access Policy
Loon Mountain Resort Policies Uphill Access Policy

Uphill Travel

Uphill access is not permitted at this time. As work continues on the mountain, there are active construction zones and heavy machinery present. Please respect our team and stay off the trails.

You can expect the uphill route to take 60+ minutes to reach Loon or South Peak.

Route Use

  • Uphill routes are subject to closure at any time due to weather, snow or operational factors.
  • Uphill travel is only permitted on designated uphill routes outlined above. Trails within the designated Uphill Routes must be open or are scheduled to open on the Mountain Report, in order for the uphill routes to be open.
  • If the trails designated in the uphill routes are closed on the Mountain Report, uphill travel is not permitted. With the exception of designated uphill routes, other trails and terrain parks are closed outside of operating hours.
  • For safety, if you descend prior to operating hours, you must ski/snowboard down the same uphill route you traveled.


Begin your ascent during these times. No ascent can begin after 2PM.

Uphill Access  Hours
Weekends & Holidays 6AM - 2PM
Weekdays 7AM - 2PM

Ticket + Season Pass

Individuals traveling uphill must have a valid lift ticket or season pass.


Purchase an Uphill Ticket at Guest Services the day before or on the day of your visit.

Season Pass
  • A Loon season pass or New England Pass holder may use the pass for uphill access on any day that the pass is valid.
  • Ikon Pass holders must reserve their day in advance. Uphill access does qualify as a visit towards an Ikon Pass holder's alloted days at Loon.
Uphill Ticket 2021/22 Price
All Ages $30

Travel Smart

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    Travel in a single-file line
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    Be visible at all times
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    Travel on the side with Uphill Route Signs
Know and Follow the Responsibility Code

Required Equipment

  • Only alpine touring skis, telemark skis, splitboards and snowshoes are allowed for uphill travel.
  • Boot-only uphill travel is not permitted. Uphill travel equipment is required to have metal edges, a restraining device or brakes, and an industry-approved binding.
  • Guests with snowshoes only must use the Loon Peak routes only and must descend via riding the Gondola down to the base area. Snowshoeing downhill is not permitted at any time.


  • Child carriers are not permitted on the mountain at any time during winter operations.
  • The mountain is closed and cleared of guests and staff at the end of each operating day. Overnight camping is not allowed on the mountain or on resort property.
  • No pets are allowed on the mountain during winter operations. Should you require a service animal, please contact Loon with plenty of advanced notice, allowing time to consider your request and respond.
  • Sledding is not permitted on any part of Loon Mountain Resort at any time.  

Rescue Response

In case of emergency, call 603-745-2222 and know that response times could be extended. Be aware there are no Patrol services outside of operating hours, and ski area buildings are closed. Mobile phone service on the mountain may be unreliable.

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