Policies & Safety

at Loon Mountain Resort

Read Loon Mountain's policies regarding uphill access and use of our trails, aerial drone use, our responsibility code, and more.

Trail Use & Uphill Access Policy

Read Loon's policy regarding trail use and uphill travel at Loon

Responsibility Code

Safety is everyone's responsibility. Know the Code.

Snow Bike & Snow Skate Policies

Read about Loon's policy regarding the use of ski bikes and snow skates on Loon Mountain

Snow Guarantee

Read Loon's snow guarantee

Biker Responsibility Code

Know the code to bicycle safely.

Aerial Drone Policy

Read about Loon's policy regarding the use of unmanned aerial drones

Web Accessibility

Read about Loon's commitment to a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience

Privacy Policy

Read Loon's policy to protect your privacy