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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Dog Policy


It is Loon’s Policy that no dogs or service animals ride any aerial lift(s) including the gondola. Animals riding aerial lifts pose unnecessary risk to the animal, the disabled skier or rider, and any other guests/participants should the animal jump or fall from the chairlift. In addition, should there be an emergency in which the evacuation of the lift becomes necessary, there are unnecessary risks associated with the evacuation of the animals.

Loon’s Policy is to not allow any dogs or service animals to roam free or accompany any person down any of the trails or slopes as the animal may interfere with or collide with the disabled individual and/or other skiers/riders or guests when descending the trails or slopes (even if the animal is trained for voice control).


It is Loon’s Policy to allow dogs that are on leashes and under the owner's control to ride the Gondola with their owner. The dog must be leashed and well behaved. The animal can descend the mountain via the ski trails or open slopes. Dogs may not be on any mountain bike trails. The dog and its owner are allowed to ride the Gondola down the mountain to the base.

For more specific information regarding service animals, please see Loon's Service Animal Policy.