Loon Mountain Race
July 9, 2023

Loon Mountain Race

July 9, 2023
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    July 9, 2023
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    Governor Adams Lodge
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Named the "Most Competitive Hillclimb" by Runner's World Magazine, this ridiculously tough race follows a traditional combination of dirt trails, service roads, and ski trails to the summit of North Peak via the infamous Upper Walking Boss.

Race Results

Loon Mountain Race is organized by SIX03 Endurance.


Carpooling is highly recommended; parking spaces are limited. Parking lots will open at 6:00am. Follow parking attendant instructions as you arrive.


Purchase Gondola Skyride tickets via the website. Spectators may start loading the Gondola Skyride starting at 7:30am on Sunday, July 9. Skyride tickets are valid all day and can be used for multiple rides and offer access to other attractions at the summit of Loon Peak throughout the day, including the glacial caves, Herbert’s Observation Tower and disc golf course.

The Gondola Skyride is located at the Octagon Lodge. The race starts at the Governor Adams Lodge.

Trail Signs & Apparel

Upper Walking Boss trail signs and apparel will be available at The Bird, located near the Octagon Lodge and Gondola Skyride.

Food & Drink

The Summit Café and Governor Adams Lodge will be open for coffee and snacks in the morning and lunch and drinks in the afternoon.