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A Guide To Arriving


A Guide To Arriving

All On-Site Lots Full?

On weekends and holiday periods, it is likely that you may be parking at South Peak and/or Escape Route lots noted below.

Resort Lots

These lots are open to day guests of Loon Mountain Resort, only. Lots are controlled and gated.

Shuttle Available Paid Lot Free Lot

Lot Name & Information
Main Lot
Between the Octagon Lodge and Governor Adams Lodge.

Disabled Parking Available

Children's Center Lot
Adjacent to the Children’s Center, near the Governor Adams Lodge.

EV and Disabled Parking Available

Beach Lot
Next to Route 112, before the bridge to Loon.
River Lot
At the Governor Adams Lodge.
South Peak Lot
At the base of South Peak trails, next to Pemigewasset Base Camp. Accessed via Cooper Memorial Drive and cannot be accessed via Loon Mountain Rd.
Escape Route Lots | A, B, C, D, E
These lots are accessed via Cooper Memorial Drive and cannot be accessed via Loon Mountain Rd. There is no lift or lodge at these lots, however access these lots via the Escape Route trail (when the trail is open.)

Need to Know

Respect Everyone
Parking attendants are here to help park cars in the most effective way to maximize space, but also to help you find a parking spot. Once you’re parked, look at the neighboring cars. Are you parking in a way that makes it difficult for them to load/unload? Are you taking up excess space? Please respect others when parking.

Slow Down
We know the feeling – the mountain is in sight, and you can’t wait to take that first turn of the day. All this excitement is great, but please control your speeds in our parking lots and area roads. Speeding in parking lots can result in serious injury or worse. Be aware of your surroundings, stop at the end of parking rows, and keep speeds to a crawl.

No Oversized Vehicles
To properly fit in a parking spot, your vehicle must be under 8 feet wide x 21.3 feet long. Keep your camper, RV, trailer, etc. at home, please. 

No Camping or Overnight Parking
If you’re looking to spend the night—don’t camp out in any Loon parking lots. Violators will be towed. There are many campgrounds and local lodges in the area.

Alcohol, Open Flames & Tents Prohibited
These items are not permitted. Keep 'em at home.

Parking FAQ

  • No, reservations are not required to park and spaces cannot be reserved.

  • You will not be able to park until a space becomes available. Please be patient as our parking teams are in constant communication and will try to find you a space as soon as one becomes available.

    In the event that overflow parking is needed, you may be directed to Escape Route lots—located off-resort—and shuttled to the resort.

  • Push notifications sent through the Loon App notify users of parking updates. Download the Loon App, and turn on push notifications.

  • Parking lots can reach max capacity on weekends and holiday periods. Typically, this occurs in the late morning. In the event this happens when you arrive, you have three options:

    Ride a Shuttle
    If you're staying at a participating lodging property, a shuttle to the resort may be available. Ask the front desk prior to heading to Loon.

    Request a Refund
    Email info@LoonMtn.com to notify us that you are requesting a refund due to all parking lots being full at the time of your arrival. Refunds can only be requested for day tickets that have not been used on their valid day/s. Be aware that these requests may take 3-5 business days to process.

    Wait for a Spot
    Typically, parking spots begin to free up in the afternoon. If you arrive to find all parking lots are full, it may be best to head into the town of Lincoln to grab a snack or cup of coffee, then come back and check with a parking attendant if any parking spots are available.

  • Yes. For a full list of routes, please visit our Shuttles page.

  • Overnight parking is not allowed in our lots.

  • Oversized vehicles are not allowed. Your vehicle must fit within a standard parking space.

  • Since a variety of factors impact the number of vehicles that can be parked on site, this number changes.


The following operate during the winter season:

On-Resort Shuttle
This lodge-to-lodge shuttle can get you to and from any three of our base areas and lodges.

Local Lodging Shuttle
If you’re staying at a participating lodging property, take the shuttle to Loon and back.

J.E. Henry Railroad
At one lodge but what to head to the other? Hop on the J.E. Henry Railroad and travel the distance between the Octagon Lodge and Governor Adams Lodge. It’s free.