Parking Guide
Go-to guide for parking at Loon.

Parking Guide

Plan Ahead It's important to plan ahead. Our parking lot fills to capacity by mid-morning on weekends and holidays. Once these lots are full, we cannot park any more vehicles.

Need to Know

Respect Everyone
Parking attendants are here to help park cars in the most effective way to maximize space, but also to help you find a parking spot. Once you’re parked, look at the neighboring cars. Are you parking in a way that makes it difficult for them to load/unload? Are you taking up excessive space? Please respect others when parking.

Slow Down
We know the feeling – the mountain is in sight, and you can’t wait to take that first turn of the day. All this excitement is great but please control your speeds in our parking lots and area roads. Speeding in parking lots can result in serious injury or worse. Be aware of your surroundings, stop at the end of parking rows and keep speeds to a crawl.

No Oversized Vehicles
Keep your camper, RV, trailer, etc. at home please.

No Camping or Overnight Parking
If you’re looking to spend the night—don’t camp out in any parking lot here at Loon. Violators will be towed. There are plenty of campgrounds and local lodges in the area.

Resort Lots

Main Lot
Located between the Octagon Lodge and Governor Adams Lodge.

Children’s Center Lot
Located near the Governor Adams Lodge, adjacent to the Children’s Center.

River Lot
Located just below the Governor Adams Lodge.

Beach Lot
Located next to Route 112, just before you cross the bridge to Loon.

South Peak Lot
Located at the base of South Peak trails, next to Pemigewasset Base Camp.

Escape Route Lots  | No Lift-Service or Shuttle Service
Located at the bottom of the Escape Route trail at South Peak are Escape Route Lots A, B, C and D. There is no lift or lodge access from these lots. For the 2020/21 winter, Loon will not be providing regular shuttle access to/from Escape Route lots. Should you find yourself parked here, you can ski to these lots via the Escape Route trail.

EV Stations
Electric Vehicle chargers are in the rear of the Children’s Center Lot.

Handicap Parking
Designated handicap parking spots are in the Main Lot, Children’s Center Lot and South Peak Lot.

Shuttle Services

On-Resort Shuttle
This lodge-to-lodge shuttle can get to and from any three of our base areas and lodges.

Local Lodging Shuttle
If you’re staying at a participating lodging property, take the shuttle to Loon and back.

J.E. Henry Railroad
At one lodge but what to head to the other? Hop on the J.E. Henry Railroad and travel the distance between the Octagon Lodge and Governor Adams Lodge. It’s free.

Snow Tubing

Follow parking attendant directions when arriving at the resort. Snow Tubing Center is located directly across from the Little Sister Double chairlift. The Main Lot is the parking lot closest to the Center.