Community Fund

Loon Mountain Area Community Fund

Mission Statement

The Loon Mountain Area Community Fund is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities surrounding Loon Mountain. The fund has been established to assist members of the community in need, as well as with financial assistance for education. Hardship may be caused by issues such as an accident or personal injury, medical issues and hospitalization, death in the family, fire or natural disaster. Our goal is to improve the lives of those in need who live, work and recreate in the Loon Mountain area.

The Loon Mountain Area Community Fund

The Fund grants monies at the discretion of the Fund’s Board of Directors, to individuals and families in our community who are deemed to be in need.

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  • The Fund is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of the following:

    • Loon Mountain president/general manager or his designee
    • Two employees of Loon Mountain, appointed by Loon Mountain management; and
    • Two community members appointed by Loon Mountain management

    Current Board Members

      • Brian Norton, President 
      • John (Jack) Daly, Vice President 
      • Jay Polimeno, Treasurer 
      • Ruth Berkeley, Secretary 
      • Kathleen Clasby
      • Jay Scambio
      • Kevin Bell
  • The Fund may conduct fundraising activities from time to time and also accepts tax-deductible contributions in the form of cash or check. Additionally, this newly-established fund encourages the employees of Loon Mountain to contribute on a volunteer basis through a payroll deduction program. The contributions made through the payroll deduction program will be matched by Loon Mountain.

    It is our hope that local property owners, vendors, suppliers and friends will also find this Fund to be a good way and the means to help make a difference for members of the community who need help or assistance. We invite other local businesses and their staffs to also become involved in this vital community program. The funding guidelines dictate that all grants will be given to individuals and families deemed to be in need in the Loon Mountain area.

    By encouraging all segments of the community to participate in the Fund, it is hoped that a broad base of interest in charitable activity will develop. The Fund can flourish through the coordinated efforts of people working together toward a common goal of improving the quality of life in our area. The Fund’s Board allocates monies based upon funds available and the requests it receives.

  • Loon Mountain Area Community Fund is 501(c)(3) (EIN 81-5197328). Tax-deductible contributions to the Loon Mountain Area Community Fund are being accepted now.

    Donations can be made online: PayPal.Me/LoonCommunityFund

    Contributions may be made by check, payable to: Loon Mountain Area Community Fund, 60 Loon Mountain Road, Lincoln, NH 03251. 

  • All requests to the Loon Mountain Area Community Fund must be submitted in writing to the Loon Mountain Area Community Fund, c/o Loon Mountain Resort, 60 Loon Mountain Rd., Lincoln, NH 03251. Requests also may be sent via email to The following information must be included:

    • Name
    • Mailing address
    • Telephone number (and email address, if applicable)
    • Explanation of need and anticipated use of the funds
    • Amount requested from the Fund
  • The Loon Mountain Area Community Fund does not provide funding for the following:

    • Any political campaign on behalf of any issue or candidate
    • Endowment funds
    • Religious activities
    • Individual fundraising efforts and/or events (Walk-A-Thons, Telethons, etc.)
    • Goodwill advertising of a public relations or publicity nature or testimonials
    • Agencies that are members of United Way organizations, except in emergency situations
    • Athletic events that do not benefit organizations qualified by the Board

Fundraising Events Held At Loon Mountain Resort
Easter Sunrise
Easter Sunrise Service

A non-denominational Easter Sunrise Service, hosted annually by Loon Mountain Ministry at the top of Loon Peak benefits the Loon Mountain Area Community Fund. 

Golden Gala
Golden Gala

The Golden Gala is the largest fundraiser for the Loon Mountain Area Community Fund. Featuring an evening of moonlight skyrides, snowcat rides, music, and giving - all proceeds from this event benefit the fund.

With the establishment of this Fund, we are proud to announce that the Loon Mountain area now has a way to enhance the quality of life of community members, making our area a better place to live.