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The days of 70 and sunny may have come to an end, but today the snow will still be soft and temperatures will be at a more seasonable level in the 50’s. Today marks the last day of operations on the North Peak, and both Upper Flume and Upper Walking Boss will be closed today and for the rest of the season.

The grooming team went out overnight and pushed snow around to smooth out the slush and mashed potatoes from yesterday, and did what they do best of making the mountain look good for the morning. The East Basin will remain ungroomed today, including Angel Street and Basin Street, so spring bumps will be available from the start. You can find smooth cords on trails such as Flying Fox, and Seven Brothers. We will be spinning 3 lifts today, including the Seven Brothers Triple. Get those end of season turns in while there is still time!

The park crew has been hard at work keeping Loon Mountain Park in great condition, and it is holding nicely. Soft landings and big sends are what's in store for the next few days.


On Sunday, April 4 at end of day, South Peak closed for the remainder of season. This includes the Lincoln Express Quad, Pemigewasset Base Camp, and the Uphill Access Route via Cruiser.

As of Monday, March 29 the West Basin and Governor Adams Lodge base area closed for remainder of the winter season. This includes Sarsaparilla Carpet and Kissin’ Cousin Double. Construction of the Kancamagus 8 chairlift and parking structure is now underway.

Rental Equipment is no longer available this season. Learn more Here

Beginner Terrain will only be available via Seven Brothers Triple and White Mountain Express Gondola. Note: Seven Brothers Triple is scheduled to operate 5 days a week, including Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the week. Subject to change.

Governors Pavilion Quick stop location is now closed and will remain closed as we make way for the new Kancamagus 8 chairlift.
Grab-N-Go seating is available inside the Octagon lodges. Learn more about our Food & Beverage services and Lodge updates Here

Uphill access is only permitted on specific routes. Uphill routes on South Peak via Cruiser is now closed for the winter season. For the full uphill policy, please click Here

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North Peak Express Quad
Seven Brothers Triple
Lincoln Express Quad
Tote Road Connector
Kancamagus Express Quad
Kissin' Cousin Double
Sarsaparilla Carpet
East Basin Double
Little Sister Double


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    • Open Lower Walking Boss
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    • Open Basin Street
    • Open Bear Claw Extension
    • Open Bear Pause
    • Open Crosscut
    • Open Flying Fox
    • Open Hannah's Bypass
    • Open Loon Mountain Park
    • Open Lower Picked Rock
    • Open Seven Brothers
    • Open Upper Picked Rock
    • Closed Boom Run
    • Closed Cruiser
    • Closed Escape Route
    • Closed Blue Ox
    • Closed Coolidge Street
    • Closed Lower Northstar
    • Closed Lower Rumrunner
    • Closed Lower Speakeasy
    • Closed Rampasture
    • Closed Bear Island Bypass
    • Closed Harder Way
    • Closed Missing Link tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Off The Grid tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Picaroon
    • Closed Springboard
    • Closed Summit Loop
    • Closed Upper Speakeasy
    • Open Lower Flume
    • Open Angel Street
    • Open Rolling Bear
    • Closed Bucksaw tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Lower Walking Boss Woods tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Upper Flume
    • Closed Upper Walking Boss Woods tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Upper Walking Boss
    • Closed Jobber
    • Closed Lower Twitcher
    • Closed Undercut tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Upper Twitcher
    • Closed Upper Northstar
    • Closed Upper Rumrunner
    • Closed Big Dipper
    • Closed Cant Dog
    • Closed Mike's Way tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Skidder tree skiing designation icon
    • Closed Triple Trouble
    • Closed Ripsaw
  • Last Updated: Sunday, 08:00 AM

    Dining Services

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