Adaptive Ski/SMB Equipment Policy

Sit-Ski, Mono-Ski, Bi-Ski Equipment Policy

SMB (Sit-Ski, Mono-Ski, Bi-Ski): Common Adaptive Ski Equipment. Includes (Sit-Ski) structures in which the skier sits with metal edges attached underneath for control and maneuverability, skiing equipment consisting of a body support structure mounted over one ski (Mono-Ski) or two skis (Bi-ski) that articulate when the device leans side-to-side (ref. ANSI/RESNA ASE-1:2016).

Chairlift & Gondola Access

During the ski season, the following adaptive devices are welcome on-mountain: mono-ski, dual-ski, bi-ski, slider, outriggers, tethers and ski tip and tail retention type devices. In the summer, adaptive hand cycles are welcome in the Loon Mountain Bike Park but they must be designed for mountain biking and have a minimum of front suspension and front and rear brakes. Our chairlifts are capable of accommodating a variety of sit-skis, outriggers, and other adaptive ski devices. Adaptive ski equipment is generally not allowed on the White Mountain Express Gondola. However, exceptions can be made with the approval of the VP of Operations and advanced notice of the request by the guest. Guests must be able to safely embark and disembark the lifts independently or with the assistance of an accompanying support person. Use of adaptive ski equipment must follow the criteria below:

• Equipment used will be designed for and fit for the intended purpose.
• Attachments, pivots, connections must all be engineered solutions.
• Chairlift restraint bar must be used while riding any lifts.
• Rider and adaptive ski equipment must be able to go through lift lines without causing interruptions.
• Adaptive ski equipment is not recommended to be used in Terrain Parks of any size.
• Adaptive ski equipment must not be motorized.

Loon Mountain Resort is committed to engaging our guests and families in an interactive process to determine if and how unique accessibility accommodations can be developed, depending on the individual needs of families and guests with disabilities. If you or your family needs an accommodation, whether in the winter or other seasons, please provide us with as much advanced notice as possible to allow our team the opportunity to consider and analyze the appropriate accommodations necessary, in conjunction with the safety considerations for our operations. Some accommodations may be handled that same day, but others may take a minimum of two weeks to address a particular accommodation. With as much advanced notice as possible, Loon Mountain Resort commits to working with our families and the disabled community to provide the best experience possible for the entire community.

The New England Disabled Sports
We are a proud partner and host of New England Disabled Sports. More information about programs offered by NEDS can be found on their website Please contact NEDS directly to inquire about adaptive equipment and lessons at Loon Mountain.

To make arrangements for use of your adaptive equipment, please email us in advance of your visit