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Sustainable Slopes

Conscious changes around Loon have helped to increase our environmental contribution, while decreasing our footprint. As a member of the National Ski Area Association's Sustainable Slopes Environmental Charter, Loon has made a commitment to responsible stewardship and improving environmental performance through operations and management to allow for enjoyment by future generations. For more information on this program visit:

Endorsers of NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes program work to promote sustainability throughout the resort by focusing on 10 different topics. The badges are designed to guide ski resorts to promote sustainable actions in each topic in their operational planning. The more sustainable actions in each topic that a resort completes the more points they earn, awarding them a badge for their commitments in each subject.

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Design & Construction
  • Education & Outreach
  • Climate Action
  • Climate Advocacy
  • Transportation
  • Waste
  • Forest Health & Habitat
  • Supply Chain
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    Climate Action Badge
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    Climate Advocacy Badge

As endorsers of NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes program, Loon is committed to the Ski Area Pledge in all subjects. We encourage guests to follow our lead by engaging in their Skier Sustainability Code, which contains information about what you can do as a consumer to live more sustainably.

Climate Challenge

Due to the nature of our business model, the ski industry is directly affected by the rapid change in climate. This is why Loon has enrolled in NSAA’s Climate Challenge to reduce our greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, energy use, and participate in climate advocacy. The Climate Challenge mandates that enrolled resorts follow the following requirement in order to guide their efforts:

  • Engage in four climate advocacy actions.
  • Complete a GHG inventory for the resort.
  • Implement new project to meet our reduction target.
  • Set target to reduce GHG emissions.
You can find more information on NSAA's Climate Challenge program on their website.


Committed to a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2030

Sustainable Slopes

An active participant in NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes, promoting environmentally responsible operations across the ski industry.

Guest Engagement

Provide resources for guests and staff that support their environmentally conscious decisions. 

Maximize Every Minute


Further advance snowmaking systems to increase productivity and lower consumption—delivering more snow, with less energy.

fleet efficiency


Utilize highly efficient snowcats and cutting-edge GPS technology to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption.

Habitat Conservation

Mountain Biking

Adhere to guidelines of state and federal agencies to ensure our practices focus on preserving our ecological resources.