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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Building Maintenance

Cut Consumption

To improve overall energy efficiency at base lodges, we installed modern boilers at the Octagon Lodge and Pemigewasset Base Camp, as well as a high-efficiency dishwasher at Governor Adams Lodge.

Between Governor Adams and Octagon lodges, 180 LED bulbs have been installed, another milestone in the transition to highly efficient LED lighting across the resort. With improved and updated lighting as well as the installation of motion sensors and timers, energy consumption has been cut down dramatically.


Committed to a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2030

Sustainable Slopes

An active participant in NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes, promoting environmentally responsible operations across the ski industry.

Guest Engagement

Provide resources for guests and staff that support their environmentally conscious decisions. 

Maximize Every Minute


Further advance snowmaking systems to increase productivity and lower consumption—delivering more snow, with less energy.

fleet efficiency


Utilize highly efficient snowcats and cutting-edge GPS technology to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption.

Habitat Conservation

Mountain Biking

Adhere to guidelines of state and federal agencies to ensure our practices focus on preserving our ecological resources.