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Loon will reopen May 25

XL 3-Pack
Go Bigger. Be Flexible.

XL 3-Pack

Go Bigger. Be Flexible.

Flexibility, savings and direct-to-lift access, all in one. XL 3-Pack comes loaded with 3 days for the 2023/24 winter season at Loon.

Two Options

Unlimited or Restricted

Choose XL 3-Pack for access any day of the season. Choose XL Restricted 3-Pack for access Monday through Friday, excluding blackout dates.

    • Ticket Pack

      XL 3-Pack


      Any 3 Days, 1 Price

      • Save on additional days with XL Add-A-Day
      • Valid during 23/24 winter season
    • Ticket Pack

      XL Restricted 3-Pack


      Valid Monday–Friday excluding blackout dates

      • Blackout dates: December 26–29, 2023; January 15, 2024; February 19–23, 2024
      • Save on additional days with XL Add-A-Day
      • Valid during 23/24 winter season
    • Reload Online

      XL Add-A-Day


      Add Days & Save

      • Purchase additional Add-A-Day dates online
      • Days are automatically loaded onto your GO Card
      • Reload & go direct to the lift

XL 3-Packs are loaded onto an RFID-enabled GO Card

Get & Use Your XL 3-Pack

  • Don't Have a Reusable GO Card?
    Scan & get your GO Card
    On your first visit, scan the code in your confirmation email at any resort Pick Up Box (PUB). Put the RFID-enabled GO Card in your jacket pocket and head directly to the lift. Need assistance? Head to any open resort ticket window.
  • Have Your GO Card?
    You're all set
    Your 3 days are pre-loaded onto your existing GO Card. Head straight to the lift and start racking up vertical.
  • Add Days & Save
    Keep your GO Card
    Select your XL Add-A-Day additional dates online. Complete the transaction, and your GO Card automatically will be loaded with your additional days, so you can head straight to the lift.

Additional Information

Enjoy Your XL 3-Pack

  • XL 3-Packs and Add-A-Day tickets are valid for the purchaser only. They are not transferable.
  • Ages for the XL 3-Pack purchaser are based on the age of the pack holder as of November 1, 2023.

Use Your Days

  • Use your tickets — they expire at the end of the 2023-24 winter season.
  • You can use your XL 3-Pack tickets and XL Add-A-Day tickets on days when day tickets are sold out.