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Loon will reopen May 25

Pulse Gondola
Coming Winter 2025/26

Pulse Gondola

Coming Winter 2025/26

First in New England

Loon Mountain Resort, in partnership with RiverWalk Resort and South Peak Resort, will build a new pulse-movement gondola lift. Installation of the lift is scheduled to begin in spring 2025 and will connect RiverWalk with the base of Loon’s newly-expanded South Peak terrain—and nearby Timbertown Quad chairlift. The lift is projected to open during the 2025/26 winter season.

Innovation and access are areas we continue to focus on."

Brian Norton, Loons president and general manager

New Connections

Covering nearly 1,300 feet in total distance, the cabins, with floor-to-ceiling windows, will transport passengers over the East Branch Pemigewasset River. The west lift terminal will be on the grounds of RiverWalk Resort, and the east terminal will be located in Escape Route Lot B. 

Details around access and ridership will be announced as the project nears completion.

Pulse Gondola 

Designed by Doppelmayr, the fixed-grip lift will be the first pulse gondola in New England. The lift features enclosed cabins that can transport up to 8 passengers. Cabins are configured in groups of 3, creating a pod. As pods arrive in the terminals, the lift slows to accommodate loading and unloading.

"This gondola is key to completing our vision. It's about creating a vibrant, interconnected community."  

Dennis Ducharme, president of RiverWalk Resort

Partnering with Loon and RiverWalk on this lift demonstrates our collective commitment to expand the offerings in this great town of Lincoln.

Mark Bogosian, developer at South Peak Resort

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