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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

What a Difference a Year Makes

September 2020

Let’s reflect on all the changes and updates completed to our MTB trails in 2020.

Cinder Completed
The completion of this blue freeride trail marks over 10,000 feet of trail built last summer and one of many downhill milestones hit in 2020.

Cinder tracks underneath the Gondola and winds through Loon Mountain Park – appropriately highlighted with features that mimic those seen in winter. It finishes with steep and deep berms that duck through the trees eventually dropping you back into Mainline.

Derailer features a couple of jumps and some steeper berms. Focused on progression, these jump features can be rolled over so you can scope ’em out before you commit to air time.

The two new Blue Freeride trails, Derailer and Cinder, were built in tandem with Highland Trails, LLC, and are stocked with flowing berms and options for air – the next progression from Mainline and Spur.

Speaking of Mainline, 2,500 feet has been added, bringing that trail’s total length to over 2 miles.

You’ll also notice that on the Seven Brothers Triple has doubled uphill capacity to additional bike carriers. Our team members fabricated new these new bike carriers which will let you get up and on to the trail faster than ever before.