June 2023Shaping Up

More Trails, More Miles, And Bigger Thrills

Construction is underway on the remainder of King Pin and Slack Action, with both Loon and Highland Trails teams working together. Once completed, King Pin will boast over 1 mile of advanced freeride terrain, giving experienced riders the thrill, they've been asking for.  

Mountain Bike Trail Construction with Gary


At just over half a mile in length, Slack Action will take the advanced rider through a winding tight track of rocky, surface rooted, rigorous terrain- proving to be a top-notch downhill challenge. 

The anticipated opening for King Pin and Slack Action is late July. 

The Work Continues

Once these trails are complete, construction will begin on Lower Roundhouse, a more difficult technical trail that extends from Upper Roundhouse and branches off from Hopper. At this time, there’s no estimate for when Lower Roundhouse will open. 

This terrain expansion will add a new challenge for advanced riders. Along with enhancing the existing interconnected trail network, these new trails will test riders' skills and endurance with rocky terrain, steep drops, and dialed features.