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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Narrow Gauge and King Pin Update

August 2022

Narrow Gauge Opens

Our newest trail, Narrow Gauge, will open for this week's Friday Night Bikes. This blue technical trail was constructed with a combination of classic New England stule hand dug sections and machine-built technical portions. At nearly half a mile long you’ll want to keep a tight track as you wind through sections of roots, rocks, and off camber turns in the woods.

King Pin Features Added

Crews had all hands on deck to get the next section of King Pin dialed and the results are looking clean. The next stretch of King Pin includes a series of new features. First in the lineup is what has been affectionately named “The Drump” by the crew - A combination of a drop and a jump.

Next up is the Babe’s Cannon, one of the most unique features the crew have created. You may recognize this up feature as a repurposed element from Lil’ Stash Park. With the added deck, riders enter the mid-sized jump straight into a downside. Finally, you’ll find the largest rock drop yet in the woods under Kanc 8 before you connect into Slack Action to Narrow Gauge.

Cannonball and Beyond

With these two new additions, the Bike Park network has expanded to 11 miles. Crews will continue to work on King Pin and will also set their site on Cannonball, a new blue technical trail slated to open in the fall. Cannonball is expected to be built in a similar style to Narrow Gauge.