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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

October 2023Gearing Up For More

What's Next?

The 2023 MTB season has been remarkable with the introduction of two black diamond trails, King Pin and Slack Action. We are now looking ahead to the 2024 season, where further trail expansion is in the works.

Construction has begun on Lower Roundhouse, which will extend the downhill trail network over 4,500 feet. Starting from Upper Roundhouse, this new trail will gradually transition riders from a flat surface to faster terrain.

Mountain Bike Trail Construction with Gary

Mixing It Up

Lower Roundhouse will offer a diverse riding experience, combining machine-constructed trails with natural segments that will eventually introduce riders to exposed tree roots. Much like Upper Roundhouse, Lower Roundhouse will feature a progression of difficulty, complete with various features.

Trail Blazing

The initial phase of construction involves the removal of trees using machinery to clear the trail. The first machine is responsible for mapping out the trail's route and creating material. Meanwhile, the second machine is responsible for adding final touches, such as shaping features and installing drainage systems.