August 2023King Pin 100%

Over 1 Mile of Freeride

We’re delivering what experienced riders have been asking for, King Pin 100% open, and it's the ultimate freeride playground. Boasting over 1 mile of photo-ready, advanced terrain, King Pin is packed with challenging features, jumps, and drops. King Pin will be fully open Thursday, August 3rd. Make sure to check the Mountain Report for any updates on trail conditions. 

Mountain Bike Trail Construction with Gary

Drops, Jumps And More...

The completion of King Pin delivers over 10 different types of jumps including; shark fins, step downs, step ups, and tabletops. Offset rollers, berms, and a variety of drops are also packed into the black diamond freeride trail, but the real star of the show is the new wooden King Pin Drop.  

Ride Smart

King Pin is geared towards the experienced rider looking to push their limits. The fully open trail tallies up at 6,300 feet (about 1.92 km) of adrenaline-pumping downhill terrain. Please remember to ride smart and pre-ride, re-ride, and free-ride.