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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Downhill Update: Pump Track & More

It’s been several weeks since we started construction on our downhill mountain bike trails, and we’ve made some excellent progress.

The goal for Phase One of the project is to build 5 miles of mountain biking trails from the top of the Seven Brothers lift down to the Octagon Base Area. The majority of those trails will run in and around the Missing Link and Off The Grid glades.

Crews are currently working their way down from the top of the Seven Brothers lift. At the front of the operation are several excavators, which do the heavy lifting of uprooting stumps, moving boulders, and clearing a path for the trail. We’re getting a big assist in this area from Highland Trails LLC, of the industry-leading Highland Mountain Bike Park. They’re some of the best trail builders anywhere, and they’ll be helping us design and build trails throughout the entire project.