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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Sum Of Its Parts

June 2023

Top-to-Bottom Progress

The expansion at South Peak is progressing. The project, which has been in the works long before construction began in late March, is on track for the 2023-2024 winter season. 

Trail construction is nearly halfway complete, lift towers have been installed, and work on the lift terminals is underway.  

I can’t overstate how important this project is to us and to our guests.” said Brian Norton, Loon’s president and general manager.” “It is the sum of all of its parts, it's the lift, it’s the terrain, it’s the access to the ski resort.” 

Driving up Main Street of Lincoln, you will see the new trails taking shape. Trail construction is a multi-phase process, and many of the trails are in the final stages—grading and revegetation. 

Grading involves turning over the ground material (dirt, rock, stumps, etc.) and reorganizing it to achieve the intended pitch of the trail. Using excavators, equipment operators grade the terrain starting at the top and steadily marching their way down. 

Once grading is complete, revegetation begins. Teams spread hay, seed and mulch across the trail, working their way from top to bottom, using a combination of hand and machine work.  

South Peak’s expanded terrain will feature a mix of Easiest (green circle) and More Difficult (blue square) trails. With ideal topography, and winding, wide-open trails, beginners will find plenty of space to practice their skills and build confidence. 

Escape Route Loading 

Servicing the 30 acres of new terrain is Loon’s third lift installation in as many years, a new four-place Doppelmayr Alpenstar 4-CLF chairlift featuring a loading conveyor. 

The bottom terminal of the yet-to-be-named lift is at the base of Escape Route trail, adjacent to Lot A of the Escape Route parking lots. Providing lift access from these parking lots—which are one-half mile from Main Street—is a major upgrade. 

Most of the mechanical components required for the bottom terminal have been installed and are being enclosed. The terminal skins mimic those of Seven Brothers Express and Kancamagus 8, with navy blue and orange accents. Installation of the loading conveyor will follow. 

The major concrete projects (footings and foundations) have been poured and cured. At the top, the bull wheel is in place and awaiting backfill and the lift house.  

Sum Of Its Parts .