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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Sep 5, 2022
A Note From Brian

Winter Never Stops

Winter is a 365-day operation, even when it’s 80 degrees out. As summer comes to an end, we continue to make improvements in preparation for winter. Here’s a snapshot of some of the major projects happening here:

Seven Brothers Express

The project with the largest footprint is, of course, the Seven Brothers Express Quad. The combination of increased speed and efficiency being added at this location is very exciting. Yes, this lift will be ready for the opening day of winter. Concrete has been poured and now the towers are getting ready for installation. Along with a new drive system and modernized look, the lift will feature a new loading conveyor and increased rope speed. This will more than double that compared to the triple chairlift—going from 450 feet up to 1,000 feet per minute.

Don’t forget the snow

More and more automation on its way. We’re installing 53 semi-automated hydrants across Seven Brothers, Sunset, and Coolidge Street. Additionally, three fully automated fan guns will be installed on lower Seven Brothers. Over on South Peak, Cruiser will see an installation of 77 HKD tower guns installed. These are the most energy efficient guns on the market—and yes, 77 is a lot.

Base Area Arrival

At both the Octagon Lodge and Governor Adams Lodge base areas, you’ll notice some changes when you arrive. The Octagon Lodge drop off area has been reconfigured to offer 13 drop-off spaces, plus five handicap parking spaces and a dedicated bus lane.

At the Children’s Center, a new primary entrance is being created on the west side of the building which will complement the reorganized interior that was completed in 2021. This new entrance aims to offer a better experience for families both on arrival and departure. This is yet another step towards improving the Governor Adams Lodge base area and we are continuing to develop future plans.

Haggis And Sauerkraut

In the immediate future is the fall. The New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival is back with a full schedule of events including concerts, tastings and more. (Organizers are limiting the number of tickets available so purchase now to secure your spot.) Also returning at full scale is White Mountain Oktoberfest. This unofficial welcome back to winter party, goes down on October 8–9 at the Governor Adams Lodge base area.

Like I said, it’s busy. If you’ve read this far, you’ve got an understanding of why winter never really stops for us. The team and I are excited to welcome you back.


Brian Norton
President & General Manager

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