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Jan 15, 2024

Veteran's Rest Stop

Dedicated Community Members Guiding Veterans Towards Hope and Healing

Locally, in the town of Woodstock, New Hampshire, Veteran's Rest Stop (VRS) serves as a helping hand for veterans in need. VRS has a mission to provide a ‘hands-up’ for people with troubles such as underemployment, medical concerns, homelessness, domestic challenges, and more.

Veteran's Rest Stop was founded by Jeff Ingalls, a distinguished United States Navy Officer and former Loon snowmaking manager. During his service Jeff suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and developed PTSD. After returning from war, Jeff decided to devote his time to helping other veterans who were in need. His vision was to create a local community of tiny homes for veterans and their families. Jeff’s legacy continues through the dedicated board of directors fulfilling his vision at VRS. 

Among Veteran's Rest Stop board members is Mark A. Evans, a United States Army Veteran and current snowmaking manager at Loon. Mark and the board of directors represent the spirit of service and the organization’s philosophy by helping to carry on Jeff’s vision.  

Current Members of the Board Include:

  • Kelly Philbrick, US Air Force Retired, President/Director
  • Kenneth H. Mack, US Marine Corps Veteran, Vice President/Director
  • Cindy Simmons, Treasurer/Secretary/Director
  • Norman Belanger, US Navy Veteran, Director
  • Mark A. Evans, US Army Veteran, Director

Project Progress

Back in 2020 VRS purchased a plot of land where they are currently renovating a central lodge and building tiny homes. The team is hard at work completing 4 of the 6 tiny homes set to be available for temporary affordable housing for veterans. The Woodstock Fire Department has also volunteered their time to assist in building the structures. 

VRS works closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to connect people with mental and physical health services. Upon the completion of the lodge, VRS plans to host on-sight services. 


Community is a significant part of what makes Veteran's Rest Stop special. Each board member is a part of the community with a shared passion for supporting those who have served our country.

Loon wants to extend its gratitude to Mark Evans, and the entire board for their commitment and dedicated service.

Photos Provided By: Veteran's Rest Stop