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Goodbye Four Now

Making the Journey East

As work progresses on the trailblazing Kancamagus 8 project there has been much speculation on the future of the Kancamagus Express Quad. We are thrilled to announce that our goodbye to the Quad is not forever – just see you later. The Kancamagus Express Quad will be making a short journey east to replace Loon’s only fixed-grip triple chairlift—becoming the Seven Brothers Express Quad.

In its new location, the Seven Brothers Express Quad will more than double the maximum rope speed of the current triple chairlift—going from 450 feet to 1,000 feet per minute. The overall uphill capacity will increase and that will be determined once the final engineering is completed. The quad will follow the same lift line profile as the existing lift.

" We are constantly evaluating the operations of the resort with Flight Path: 2030 in the forefront of our minds. Increasing the speed and capacity at Seven Brothers will elevate the ski experience for guests coming out of the Octagon Lodge Base Area—especially on days with high winds."
Brian Norton, Vice President of Operations

The current Seven Brothers Triple is a CTEC lift that came to Loon in 1985 and is being replaced with a Doppelmayr high speed detachable quad chairlift. This lift, the Kanc Quad was originally installed in 1995 and took its last turn around the bullwheel on March 28, 2021. Teams are currently dismantling the Kanc Quad and placing it into storage.

The Seven Brothers Triple will be stored after being dismantled following the 2021/22 winter season. There are multiple scenarios of where the lift may be reused but no decision has been made yet.

As the expansion of Loon's downhill mountain bike trails continues, bike services will be based out of the Governor Adams Lodge Base Area with lift access via the Kancamagus 8 starting in summer 2022. Installation of the Seven Brothers Express Quad is scheduled to begin in spring 2022.

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