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Haul Line Splicing & Bottom Terminal

September 2021

September not only brought a change in season but a very noticeable change on the mountain; the installation of the haul line for the Kancamagus 8. This stage in lift construction is a large undertaking and the people power it requires is huge. Teams from across the resort came together to make this happen.

The installation is complex and must go through a process called splicing before it is complete. Splicing is the action of combining two ends of the same rope to form one continuous loop that will then become the haul line of the lift.

Construction is coming on leaps and bounds at the bottom terminal too – the raisable loading carpet is fully installed, the roof is on and nearing completion, and with the addition of the external walls it is clear to see the true size and magnitude of Kancamagus 8.

Kancamagus 8 Haul Line Splicing 

Photos taken: 09/07/2021 

Bottom Terminal 

Photos taken: 09/28/2021