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Loon is now closed for the winter season.

Coming Together

November 2021

The final pieces of Kanc 8 are coming together.

A project of this magnitude has an immense level of detail and as you can see by the size of the parking structure, there is a lot of it. It’s big – but with a lot of purpose both inside and out.

The parking structure is designed to completely house Kanc 8’s technology and provide nightly storage for the 8-place chairs. The structure also requires room for grooming. Guests will be skiing and snowboarding directly inside to load the lift, so the space allows for a snowcat to push snow and lay down corduroy inside.

While inside, guests will notice how quiet the lift operates. Doppelmayr’s Direct Drive technology has eliminated the need for a gearbox making the lift more efficient and whisper quiet. Doppelmayr has also automated the process of removing the chairs for nightly storage. One lift operator can now load and off-load chairs with ease.

Exterior work is nearing completion, with the installation of the siding, roof, windows, and garage doors. “We’ve got the roof on, we’ve got the walls up, all the lights, all the power, everything's going on all at once here” - Brian Norton, Vice President of Operations. On the west side, a heated patio is being completed to open up the arrival experience at the Governor Adams Lodge base area, allowing guests a chance to take a break with a great view of the mountain...year-round.

Kanc 8 is built for all seasons and will be the home of downhill mountain biking starting in summer 2022. “Taking bikes to Kanc 8 is going to transform our biking. We are going to add more vertical feet to our bike park, you’re going to get a quicker ride and a totally unique experience while riding the lift utilizing Doppelmayr's Clip system, where you will actually load and unload your own bike” - Kevin Bell, vice president of marketing.

Installation of the most technologically advanced chairlift in the East is in its final stages. We are excited to welcome you back to Loon this winter and for the grand opening of Kancamagus 8 coming in December. Stay tuned.

Coming Together Kanc 8: Episode 3

Kancamagus 8 Bottom Terminal - Interior & Exterior

Photos taken: 11/03/2021 - 11/10/2021