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Loon will reopen May 25

Bike Laps Just Got 50% Faster

May 2022

Lift Maintenance and other resort operations teams kicked off this spring by installing Doppelmayr’s Bike Clip carriers on the chairs of Kanc 8. To accommodate the carriers, bubbles have been removed and half of the 64 chairs have been placed on the storage line inside the bottom terminal. Each one of the 32 active chairs features four Bike Clip carriers.

How does it work?

“Doppelmayr developed an innovative bike carrier assembly specially for the transportation of mountain bikes. It is comprised of three main components: bike clip, clip carrier and bike stabilizer. When the biker inserts the front wheel of the bike between the pivot-mounted upper arm and the rigid lower arm, the cradle is moved by the self-weight of the mountain bike, causing the bike clip to fix the wheel in position.”

- Doppelmayr Seilbahnen

Loading The Lift

Riders will use a wooden loading platform built specifically for bike operations. Guests will load their own bikes using the bike carriers on the chair ahead.

Step 1: Walk bike on to platform and raise the front wheel.
Step 2: Push the front wheel into the Bike Clip on the chair in front of you.
Step 3: Wait and load on the chair behind you.

It’s Faster + Bigger

The trip to the top will be over 50% faster and cover 300 more vertical feet than Seven Brothers Triple, traveling at roughly 540ft per minute in comparison to 250ft per minute. The ride will also be smoother and quieter all thanks to the Doppelmayr Direct Drive technology. 


On arrival at the top terminal, riders will unload their own bikes and proceed to the trail network.

Step 1: Unload chair and walk up to the chair in front of you.
Step 2: Grab bike from Bike Clip.
Step 3: Walk or ride away.

The new home base of downhill mountain biking at Loon, the Governor Adams Lodge, will transform the experience for guests. Pick up tickets, passes and rentals in the same building then it’s just a short walk to load the lift. Have fun riding the trail network from the West Basin and then utilize the outdoor patio to relax and take in the view of the beautiful White Mountains.

By the end of summer 2022 we will have added an additional 4 miles of trails to our network. Another announcement will follow shortly regarding which trails will be ready to ride on opening day.

As a part of Flight Path: 2030, Kancamagus 8 is a pivotal project. Introducing new technology and lifts elevates the ski experience and has propelled Loon into the future. The Kanc 8 is one of two resorts in America and the only one in the East to adapt this technology for biking, furthering our mission to excel in every season.

Kancamagus 8 Bike Clips & Loading Platform 

Photos taken: 04/25/2022 & 05/13/2022