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Loon will reopen May 25

A Work of Art

August 2021

Major components of the first Doppelmayr D-Line lift in the East are now in place. The conical lift towers have been flown in, the top terminal is nearing completion and the parking structure’s steel has been raised. “This project is bigger and badder than all the other projects” comments Steve Mayhew, Dopplemayr’s project manager.

Driving towards Loon, the impressive steel beams of the Kanc 8 parking structure are visible from across the river. “It’s a work of art.” says Ken Mack, Loon’s special projects and snow surfaces manager. The eye-catching construction is drastically different from its predecessor and has a bigger purpose than aesthetics. The core functions of the custom open-air structure are to store the eight-place chairs as well as serve as a loading area for guests. In winter, the entrance will be snow covered and groomed nightly, providing guests a covered loading experience, keeping them out of the elements. Come summer, mountain bikers will load Kanc 8 in the same manner, minus the snow.

Kancamagus 8 is essential to reimagining the Governor Adams Lodge Base Area. “It’s the first piece of the puzzle.” affirms Jay Scambio, Loon’s president and general manager. Planning is well underway and installing the most technologically advanced chairlift in North America sets the tone for elevating the experience at that base area. Services, programs, indoor & outdoor experiences...all are being considered as we remain focused on upholding the pillars of Flight Path: 2030 and pioneering the new New England.

A Work of Art Kanc 8: Episode 2

Artist Renderings of The Kancamagus 8 Bottom Terminal Parking Structure

1. A full view of the parking structure from the roadside. 

2. A side-view, looking towards the Octagon Lodge. 

3. A downhill view into the parking structure. 

4. Inside the parking structure, skiing downhill. 

5. A view of the loading carpet inside. 

Kancamagus 8 Bottom & Top Terminal 

Photos taken: 06/23/2021 - 07/27/2021