GO Cards
RFID-Enabled | Reusable

GO Cards

RFID-Enabled | Reusable

Buy, Reload, Skip the Ticket Window

With Loon's dual-frequency RFID gates, all winter and summer lift access products are on a reloadable GO Card.

Once you have a GO Card, you can reload it online and skip the ticket window on future visits. Gates scan the GO Card from inside your pocket, allowing direct-to-lift access.

Step 1: Purchase Your Ticket

Head to LoonMtn.com/tickets and click your desired ticket option. After purchasing online, you will receive a confirmation email containing your QR code. If you purchased multiple tickets, this one QR code will work for all tickets purchased.

Step 2: Pick Up Your GO Card

Don't already have a GO Card? When you arrive at Loon, head to any resort Pick Up Box (PUB), and scan your QR code in your confirmation email. Your GO Card will be dispensed to you. Place your GO Card in a jacket pocket, away from credit cards, cell phone, or other RFID-enabled tickets. Your chest or sleeve pocket tends to work best. Head to the lifts and carve it up.

Step 3:  Reload Your GO Card

Want to come back and skip the ticket window? Log back in to LoonMtn.com/tickets and load/reload your GO Card for future visits.

If the front of your GO Card readsLoon Guest or Temporary Customer, register your GO Card first. Select your date on the Ticket Calendar, create an account, and input the Reload Number located on the front of the GO Card. The number begins with "1OK..."


  • No, there is no charge for the reloadable GO Card.  

  • Gone are the days of fumbling for your lift ticket. Keep your GO Card in a chest or sleeve pocket away from your cell phone or credit cards. The RFID gates read from both sides so it doesn't matter which side your GO Card is placed. Do not punch a hole in your GO Card; it will damage the RFID antennae.  

  • No. All Ikon passes are equipped with RFID technology that work with our gates, which allows you easy, direct-to-lift access. If you wish to visit more than the allotted days on your Ikon pass, you will need to get a GO Card.  

  • RFID, or radio-frequency identification, gates send out electromagnetic waves which can recognize people or objects through a chip and antenna. The antenna in your GO Card allows the chip to transmit to a reader, which converts the radio waves into digital information. In short, this means seamless direct-to-lift access, as well as the ability to reload and skip lines at the ticket window.  

Pick Up Boxes (PUBs)

Step 1: Have a Ticket? Need a Ticket?

Previously purchased your ticket? Open your confirmation email.

Need to purchase a ticket? Skip the ticket line, and purchase using your mobile device.

Ikon Pass holder with a pass? Head directly to the lifts.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code on your confirmation. There will be one code per ticket.

Step 3: Get Your GO Card

The PUB will dispense your GO Card to you. Place it in a secure pocket away from credit cards and your cell phone and hit the slopes.

Reload Later

Planning to visit again? Keep your GO Card. You can reload it online for all your future visits in any season!