Terrain Parks

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    Terrain Parks & Pipes

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  • Springboard Park

    Get stoked for jibs and jumps galore!

  • Loon Mountain Park

    Our signature park, where all the heavies come out to play.

  • Burton Progression Park

    Perfect place to get comfortable with park etiquette and features

  • Burton Lil' Stash

    Features rails, rollers, logs, and carvings of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

  • Little Sister Park

    Step up to this medium-sized park

  • Top Secret Parks

    If we told you where they were, it wouldn't be a secret

Want to Learn to Ride Parks & Pipes?


PEEPs is the smart start to an award-winning experience. Earn your PEEPs Pass as you learn about terrain parks and proper terrain park etiquette. These fundamental principles are essential to an awesome park experience here at Loon – and terrain parks everywhere.

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