Summit Amphitheatre
Jaw-Dropping Views in a Unique Mountaintop Setting

Summit Amphitheatre

Jaw-Dropping Views in a Unique Mountaintop Setting

With a view that overlooks the White Mountains, our open-air amphitheatre is the perfect place to soak in a spectacular view, host a wedding, corporate retreat, family reunion, or join a Sunday worship service.

Please note: the amphitheatre is closed during wedding ceremonies.

Gondola in the Summer

Location is Everything

Enjoy a 1.3-mile scenic ride to the summit of Loon Peak in our four-person Gondola Skyride.  At the end of the ascent, enter a high alpine world of refreshing breezes and stunning mountain views that serve as the backdrop to the summit amphitheatre, a beautiful outdoor venue. 

summit weddings at Loon

Did We Mention the View?

Mountaintop Weddings, Reunions, Corporate Retreats & More

The amphitheatre is a beautiful outdoor venue. Wth stunning views of the White Mountains, it's a popular spot for weddings. The venue offers a secluded intimate setting for couples to exchange their vows, with easy access for guests.

It's also a great spot to gather for family reunions, corporate outings, or just kick back and soak in spectacular views.

summit worship services

Sunday Summit Worship

Elevate your worship. Board the White Mountain Express Gondola and soar to the amphitheatre at the summit of Loon Peak.

Summit worship services is held every Sunday at 10:30AM. Sunday Worship tickets are available for purchase at the resort ticket window or Guest Service desk. 

Please note: Sunday worship service will not be held on Sunday, September 22, during the NH Highland Games & Festival.

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