King Pin: Part 1

July 2022

The first section of King Pin, the black diamond freeride trail, is complete and will open for Friday Night Bikes. This first section stretches 1,600ft – approximately 20% of its estimated length when complete. Branching from the new start of Steam Punk, this section of King Pin offers advanced terrain including six jumps and two drops before connecting back into Steam Punk.

The crew are shifting focus away from Lower Roundhouse and will be instead building two new blue-square technical trails; Narrow Gauge and Cannonball. With the addition of the new tech trails the crew hope to open a second section of King Pin that will connect back into the network here. Both the second section of King Pin, Narrow Gauge and Cannonball are slated to open later this summer.

The addition of the first section of King Pin there is now over 10 miles and 1,000 vertical feet of downhill terrain at Loon. Over 2.5 miles of which have been opened in the summer of 2022 so far. As well as opening new terrain our crew performs weekly maintenance on various parts of the network.

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