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Downhill Trails

In May 2019, Loon broke ground on a multi-phase plan to build a network of over 15 miles of lift-serviced downhill mountain biking trails!

Now in our 4th season of operation, Loon continues to expand the downhill network and is moving operations to our new home base, the Governor Adams Lodge. The new home base will transform the biking experience at Loon. Guests will have one central location to pick up tickets, passes, rentals all in one building.

Just a short walk from the Governor Adams Lodge is the Kancamagus 8 lift which will cut the lift ride in half and access 300 more vertical feet of terrain. Designed and built in conjunction with Highland Trails LLC, of the industry-leading Highland Mountain Bike Park, the new network of trails will complement Loon's 6+ existing miles of cross-country biking trails.

Once all phases are complete, Loon will offer over 20 miles of biking trails - the largest network of combined downhill and cross-country trails in New Hampshire.



Cinder tracks underneath the Gondola and winds through Loon Mountain Park – appropriately highlighted with features that mimic those seen in winter. It finishes with steep and deep berms that duck through the trees eventually dropping you back into Mainline.

Hot Shot


Take a turn onto Hotshot for the most direct way back to Kanc 8 and the Governor’s Lodge. This blue-square freeride trail branches off from Cinder and features intermediate sized rollers and jumps designed to give you a quick shot back to the base area.



Take a ride on the Lowline. This green-circle freeride trail is one of the main connections to the Kanc 8. Starting at the end of Mainline and Spur this trail traverses the base area back the the Governor Adams Lodge and Kanc 8.



It’s full steam ahead as you drop into Highball. This blue-square freeride trail starts at the top of Kanc 8 and winds its way down towards Derailer, Overhaul and more of your favorite trails. Highball is packed with intermediate sized jumps, big berms and a fun drop as the trail crosses Loon Mountain Park.

King Pin


Opening Fall 2022: Our signature black-diamond freeride trail will take you jumping and winding through the West Basin. Once complete, this trail will be fully loaded with features designed for advanced riders looking to perfect their freeride skills.

Lower Roundhouse


Opening Fall 2022: This technical blue-square trail is an extension of Upper Roundhouse. It features tight berms, rock gardens and more natural elements. It also connects with the East Ridge Trail Network, giving you access to over 8 miles of cross-country trails.



This green freeride trail is packed with the perfect sized features for progressing your riding. Stemming from Mainline, Overhaul winds through the East Basin woods, around Camp III and by Boyle Brook before it reconnects with Mainline. Overhaul features plenty of steady rollers, berms and other features to get you dialed in.



This trail is fully loaded. Blue freeride trail stems from the newest Green trail, Overhaul. Flowing through the East Basin this Blue freeride trail stems from Overhaul and follows the Brookway ski trail. At 3,800ft long this trail is packed with jumps, berms, and rollers that are perfect for progressing your skills.

Upper Roundhouse


Upper Roundhouse is a blue square technical trail that branches out from Overhaul. This short but sweet trail boasts tight turns, bigger switchbacks, and some rock features before reaching the bridge into the East Ridge Trail Network. Once you enter the East Ridge and access the cross-country trails there is no lift access so enjoy the ride, swing by the river, and make your way back to the base area.



Go off the rails-here comes a section of Derailer. Used in the railroad industry, a derailer is a device placed to prevent trains from rolling onto the mainline or other tracks. Loon's Derailer, will keep avid riders rolling with speed through a series of photo-ready jumps, rollers and berms.



Looking for a bit more of a challenge? Take on Steam Punk, a blue-square technical trail. This trail features more advance rollers, berms and other technical features as it weaves back and forth across the mountain.



A three-mile, green-circle freeride trail. This wide, generous trail traverses through beautiful forest to the east of the Seven Brothers Express Quad, with enough switchbacks and banked turns to satisfy any level of rider.



Featuring tight turns, rollers, and more advanced features, this green-circle technical trail is great for riders looking to develop their skills. You'll have a blast as you switchback through the forest across ski trails, and around huge glacial boulders.


This green-circle freeride trail connects riders from the runout of the Bandit and Mainline trails back down to the load area for the Seven Brothers Express Quad.