Ski Bike & Snowskate Policies

Updated: 02.21.19

Ski Bike Use

Ski bikes are allowed on any open terrain as long as they abide by the skier responsibility code. Ski bikes are only allowed on detachable chairlifts and surface lifts. They are not allowed on fixed-gripped chairs or the Gondola, except in the situations listed below.

While on the lift, the device must be secured to the chairlift itself, not the individual, and unsecured upon arrival at the unload. The passengers and equipment cannot exceed the capacity of the chair.

The equipment cannot interfere with the design intention of the chair and must allow for the safety bar to be used while the ski bike is in place on the chair.

The user of the device must be able to load and offload the lift system without requiring the lift to be slowed or stopped. No foot traffic is allowed.

All  other requirements below must be met at all times for a ski bike or similar device to be used:

  • Ski bikes must have metal edges on skis.
  • Ski bikes must have seat.
  • Operator must be on skis with metal edges. No foot traffic is allowed.
  • Only one (1) rider is permitted per bike.
  • Ski bikes must be loaded and unloaded within envelope of chair.
  • Ski bike counts as a rider on the chair lift.
  • Operator MUST wear a leash while using the equipment.
  • At any time, snow bikes may be restricted in certain areas and lifts for safety concerns.

Guests using ski bikes through New England Disabled Sports will be permitted to ride Kissin’ Cousins lift with prior notification to and with confirmation from the Loon Mountain Lift Operations Manager, the V.P. of Operations, or the Manager on Duty (MOD). On special occasions, ski bikes can be loaded onto the Gondola cargo car, per MOD approval.

Snowskate Use

Snowskates are permitted on open terrain, and operators must abide by the Skier Responsibility Code. Snowskate operators are considered foot traffic; therefore, snowskates are allowed only on the Gondola or surface lifts. Snowskates and their operators must meet the following criteria:

  • Snowskates must have metal edges.
  • Snowskates must be attached to the operator at all times.
  • Snowskates must be brought inside the Gondola cabin and are not allowed to be loaded in the ski racks on the Gondola cabin exterior.
  • Operator must wear a leash at all times.
  • Snowskates may be restricted in certain areas and lifts for safety concerns at any time.

There may be exceptions to this policy at any time. All exceptions must be reviewed and permitted by Loon Mountain Vice President of Operations or the Manager On Duty.