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Program Updates

Update: November 23, 2020

Programs On Hold

We continue to adapt every day to this environment and thus we now must reevaluate the Seasonal programs.

All currently scheduled Seasonal programs (Development and Competition teams) are on hold until further notice. Following the new year, our team will reevaluate and provide an update on whether a new start date will be set (for mid-January) or the programs will be cancelled for the season.

This is challenging and disappointing on many levels, but we believe this to be the most prudent action at this time.  

Going Forward 

  • If the programs do begin in January, you will receive a credit for the days that Loon did not provide programming – as outlined in the Seasonal Programs Promise. 
  • Should you not want to wait until January for an update, we can provide you with a full refund. 
  • If the programs are cancelled for the season, you will receive a full refund. We will not be offering the option to rollover your spot(s) in the program to 2021/22 winter. 
  • No additional participants will be enrolled in any program until further notice.  

Participant Requirements 

Should the programs begin in January, participants will still need to meet the existing requirements of being ages 7 & up (as of December 12, 2020), minimum 48 inches tall, comfortable and capable of loading, unloading and riding the lift alone. If your child does not meet the requirements, you will be receiving a refund. A system issue slowed that process down, but our team is working diligently to complete those refunds. Thank you for your patience.

Thank You 

Your flexibility and understanding during these everchanging times are greatly appreciated.  

If you have any questions, please contact me. 


Peter Creedon | Seasaonal Programs Manager 

Update: November 17, 2020

Welcome to the 2020/21 winter season of our Seasonal Programs at Loon. Needless to say, things are going to be a little different this year! However, if there was ever an activity to support social distancing and enjoying the outdoors, it must be skiing and snowboarding!

We’ve been hard at work reading and adjusting to the developing guidelines supplied by the state and public health officials; we’re confident in our ability to provide you and your families safe, fun, and consistent programming for the upcoming winter.

The Seasonal community is the most special part of Loon for so many of us. This year, we need everyone to be committed. Participating in our program means that you “buy in” to caring about all our kiddos and their families. The decisions you make in and outside of our program will ultimately affect the success of us all. All Loon team members sign a Workplace Safety Pledge prior to the start of the season. This pledge acknowledges their commitment to the health and safety of their coworkers, our guests, and themselves.

The Pledge

We are asking you, and all Seasonal Program families, to take a pledge as well. This will include abiding by state guidelines wherever “home” is for you, following protocols when exhibiting any troubling symptoms, and generally committing to the safety and well-being of our entire community. We appreciate you going the extra mile, as we know you appreciate the commitment of our coaching staff. This pledge will be sent via email later this month. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Whether Mother Nature cooperates, or Loon snowmakers earn their magician status for the millionth time, we’re in for a rockin’ season. I’m genuinely looking forward to winter and many of the changes in place: 5:1 coach-to-kid ratios, regimented snack times and lunch breaks. We know that some of the logistical changes will be difficult for some; please rest assured these decisions are made with the health and safety of your family and our team members in mind.


I’ll be making group lists over the next few weeks; if you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We always try to fulfill grouping requests as we enter our winter season.

The social part of what we do is as important as the coaching to our participants. This year poses unique challenges to us all; with that in mind, if there are special requests based on health concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please do remember that if you’re requesting a group combination that includes varying ability levels, our coaches will always teach to the lowest common denominator.

Daily Operations

We’re currently planning on adjustments to our traditional daily schedule as follows:

Daily Screenings
Prior to arriving to the program each day, parents will be required to complete a Daily Health Screening for each of their participants. This form is digital and easily accessible on your mobile phone or tablet. Every participant is required to have a completed Daily Health Screening form prior to participation in program on any given day. This must be completed on the day of participation – not before. Once submitted, forms will be archived; parents must show proof of completion (email confirmation) at morning drop-off.

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • To limit crowding, the morning drop off and afternoon pick up will be done in phases. Each group will be assigned a designated drop-off time. Drop-off times start at 8:30a.m. and end at 9:40a.m., and are 10 minutes long.
  • At each drop-off time, there will be 6 groups, each with 5 participants. From there, that Pod (6 groups of 5) will begin their day on the mountain and follow the same schedule throughout the day. These skiers/riders will drop off, snack, lunch, and pick up together.

    Pick up will run similarly as drop off. Each group will have a designated pick-up time. Those begin at 2:30p.m. and finish at 3:40p.m.
  • A parent or guardian must be present at drop off times.

Late Arrivals
Any participant who misses their 10-minute drop-off twill be able to join their group at the assigned morning snack time. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to deliver you the best season possible!

All participants in our programs will need to be at least 48” tall and be confident riding the lift independently this year. Staff and guests will not be asked to physically help participants load, ride or unload a lift. This piece is integral to the success of all our skiers and riders; please don’t put your aspiring shredder in a risky position!

Tickets & Passes
All participants must have a valid lift ticket or season pass prior to being dropped off at program. If you are going to be attempting to pick up tickets each morning prior to drop off, please let me know so I can try and help by assigning a later drop-off time.

Know Their Limits
Every winter the Seasonal Programs building becomes the coolest place to be! Normally, we can easily accommodate tired, cranky, and generally upset kiddos while we wait for mom or dad. This year, that cannot be the case. If you anticipate your shredder getting tired at lunch or sick of ugly weather, even if just for the first few weekends, please make sure to be available if needed in the afternoons.

Be Available
We’ve always had a rule that one legal guardian must always remain at the resort. This is even more critical during this winter. We will be unable to accommodate skiers or riders inside our buildings outside of their assigned snack or lunch times.

Communication is the key to success this year! In addition to your daily screening requirements, email communication will prove to be the easiest means of discussing your child’s individual needs. We will attempt to limit outside traffic in and out of our seasonal buildings for the safety of our staff and our participants. This is a critical piece to our collective success this year; Kim and I are always happy to meet you on snow to finalize plans initiated via email.

Wait, One More
I know you're going to finish this list and say “But, what about….” This is good! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with that follow-up. Feedback is always a critical part of our success here at Loon; don’t be shy with an email if you have thoughts you want to share!

Thanks everyone!

Update: October 2, 2020

We recently announced some of our winter operational plans and strategies.

This winter, we will implement restrictions related to all Snowsports programs, including seasonal programs.  These restrictions include eliminating some programs, limiting program sizes, and implementing requirements allow for proper social distancing.

Peter Creedon, Seasonal Programs Manager