Winter Rollover Program

Winter Rollover Program

The Winter Rollover Program is designed to reduce uncertainty and provide flexibility for season pass holders. Regardless of the purchase date, through December 10, 2022, season pass holders can choose to defer the value of their 2022/23 season pass toward any single season pass available for the 2023/24 winter season.


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  • 2022/23 winter season pass holders can choose to defer the value of their purchased 2022/23 winter season pass toward any single season pass available for the 2023/24 winter season by December 10, 2022.

  • New England Pass and winter resort-specific season pass products are all eligible to defer the value of their 2022/23 pass for a single 2023/24 pass. Pass products purchased (and not used) prior to December 10, 2022 are eligible. NE Day, promotional products, multi-day tickets, ticket packs, and employee passes are not eligible for this program.

    Access Pass holders (Loon) are eligible to use the Winter Rollover program. However, the Rollover Credit will be in the amount of 85% of the total pass value.

  • Pass holders who have not used their passes must contact their home resort to use the Winter Rollover before December 10, 2022. Requests made after December 10 will be ineligible.

  • Yes. Rollover is available to all age categories and pass types including college passes. The pass holder will receive a credit for the amount paid for their 2022/23 season pass. Actual age and/or pass categories for 2023/24 passes will apply at the time of the 2022/23 pass purchase based on each resort’s policies. The pass holder will be responsible for any cost increases if the pass holder is no longer eligible for a pass and/or a pass product is no longer offered.

    Note: Rollover Credit does not apply to purchase of promotional passes or frequency cards.

  • Winter Rollover is only available for 2022/23 winter season pass products that have not been scanned or used for skiing/snowboarding access at any resort. The only exception is if you purchased your pass prior to the April 30, 2022 Spring Sale deadline and used it to ski/ride during the 2021/22 season.

  • No, the Rollover Credit is non-transferable and may be used for the original 2022/23 pass holder only.

  • Yes, you can purchase a different pass. If you decide to buy a lower priced pass product, you will receive a resort gift card with the remaining balance.

  • Ikon’s Adventure Assurance is not available to the add on (IKON Base) product, as technically you are purchasing a Platinum New England Pass. This pass has a Rollover credit similar to Ikon’s Adventure Assurance

  • Yes.

  • If the IKON Base add-on pass is used, then the Platinum New England Pass product is considered used and not eligible for a Rollover.