Pass Holder With Rollover Credit
Options For 2022/23

Pass Holder With Rollover Credit

Options For 2022/23

You chose to roll over the value of your 21/22 pass purchase. Here's how to use your credit toward your 22/23 season pass.

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Click/tap My Account. Choose Vouchers. You'll see the voucher number underneath ID.
  3. Note the ID code. This code will be used during checkout to apply your rollover credit toward the purchase of your 2022-23 season pass.
  1. Go to My Account. Copy the ID code.
  2. Select your pass
  3. At the checkout payment screen, paste the ID code in the Gift Card or Voucher Number box.
  4. Click/tap Apply

Winter Rollover

The Winter Rollover allows pass holders to defer the value of their 2022/23 pass purchase before December 10, 2022.


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  • In order to use the Buy Now, Ski This Spring benefit you must purchase your pass at the spring sale (New Pass Holder) rate. If you decided to purchase at the special Renewal rate, you can start skiing in winter 2021/22.

  • See instructions above– with one exception: Visit and choose Season Passes > New Pass Purchase category.

    Select Access Pass from there and proceed with steps above.

  • No, Rollover Credit is non-transferable.

  • Please use the web chat or email Central Reservations for assistance.

  • Yes