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Loon will reopen May 25

MTB Buddy Tickets
Pass Holders Share With Friends

MTB Buddy Tickets

Pass Holders Share With Friends
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Purchase Friend Tickets

Here's How:

Get Your Voucher Codes

  1. Pass holders must first access the online store, log in, then click My Account (desktop) or Account (mobile) to see your Profile.
  2. Choose View/Print Vouchers or Email Voucher
    • Codes will be shown on screen (you do not need to print them, but can be if you'd like to).
    • If you choose the Email option, enter your Buddy's email address, and they will receive the voucher code directly.
    • Voucher Code(s) will display for each pass in your family. The Voucher Code is listed under the ID column.
    • These Voucher Codes can be accessed from your account at any time.

Share Code(s) with Buddy | Buddy Buys Tickets

  1. Share your Voucher Code(s) with your Buddy
  2. Your Buddy will visit our Online Store 
  3. Enter the Voucher number where indicated 
  4. Your Buddy will select the date(s) they would like to ski/bike and add to cart. 
    Each Buddy will need a valid Voucher Code per person, per day that they plan to visit.
    If they are not using a Buddy Ticket for each day they plan to visit, they will need to select their additional dates in the main Lift Ticket Calendar prior to checkout.

  5. During the checkout process, the friend must assign the ticket to him/herself and select media.

Buddy Picks Up Ticket 

  • If Buddy does not have an RFID-enabled GO Card: Scan the QR Code in the confirmation email at a Pickup Box (PUB) and their ticket will be dispensed.
  • If Buddy already has a GO Card: Their GO Card has been automatically loaded and can go directly to the lift.