Feb 22, 2024

New England Disabled Sports


Changing Lives Since 1987

Located on-site, New England Disabled Sports works year-round to redefine what is possible for individuals with disabilities. We are lucky to have such an exceptional, nationally recognized program located here at Loon.

New England Disabled Sports (NEDS) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit formed in 1987 with a mission to dissolve disabilities as a barrier to outdoor recreation. The organization now has over 200 volunteers and instructs students in nearly 3,500 lessons annually. Everyone who works with this organization has a deep routed passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives.

In the winter, they offer Alpine skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.

In the summer they offer golf, mountain biking, road biking, pickleball, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

Witnessing the Magic

For three decades, Jack Daly has been volunteering with NEDS. When asked what makes the organization so special, he said “It’s seeing a tear of joy in a parent's eye when their kid achieves something they never thought possible, it’s the feeling of being able share the experience of skiing with someone who wouldn't normally be able to.”

Jack’s recent experience with a blind skier from New York encapsulates this sentiment. The skier described their time on the slopes as “freedom”. Jack emphasized that the feeling of joy from witnessing people's successes was what made NEDS truly special.

"Where Boundaries are Broken"

New England Disabled Sports works with individuals of diverse abilities, whether it be neurodivergent or physical. The team creates customized lesson plans tailored to fit the needs of each participant.

NEDS is equipped with a variety of specialized ski and recreation gear. During the winter, Mono-skis and bi-skis facilitate sit-skiing. The summer offers recumbent bikes, hand pedaled bikes and various other tools designed to help achieve personal goals.

Affordable Lessons

Lessons are offered at an affordable price, recognizing that the cost for individuals living with a disability is often higher than those without. NEDS is consistently free for veterans, and the organization periodically hosts multiday veterans' clinics.

NEDS will never say no to someone who cannot afford a lesson and offers scholarships regardless of financial ability.

Get Involved

Being a nonprofit, New England Disabled Sports runs completely on grants and donations. Contributions can be made via online donations or through buying items on their Wishlist. Make sure to ask your employer if they will match your contribution!

Additionally, NEDS runs three major fundraising events each year:

Warren Miller Movie ShowingOne of the most iconic film series in ski history.

Winter ChallengeFilled with fun games and challenges, this is the largest fundraising event of the year.

Golf ClassicRunning more than 25 years.

Volunteering at NEDS

Volunteers drive New England Disabled Sports and are crucial for both summer and winter seasons. Donating your time can be extremely fulfilling and there are a variety of ways to help. Volunteers can assist with administrative work, event planning, fundraising, lesson planning and coaching. During the winter, volunteers have the opportunity to earn ski passes at Loon or Bretton Woods. Volunteers are required to be at least 18 years old, although NEDS provides a Pre-Adaptive Coach program for individuals aged 14 and up.  

NEDS @ Loon
Office Phone: 603.745.9333