Up, Up and Away

June 21

The concrete has cured and it’s time to set the new towers. Our friends from the north were back on Monday, June 21 to assist in the aerial placement of the new conical lift towers. Teams from Doppelmayr, Loon and HeliCarrier Helicopters all worked methodically over 2 days to set 10 of the 11 .

The new conical towers took between 4-6 flights each to install. The towers are so large they were flown in 2 separate pieces and secured. The top assembly was next, followed by the sheaves which were installed by a crew on the ladders and the top platform. Once all the pieces were placed, one team would work on the finishing touches while another started installing the next tower. Working their way down the mountain, all but tower 1 were installed over a 2 day period. Tower 1, at the base will be installed at a later time by a crane.

Check out the videos and photos below of the Kancamagus 8 tower installation. Click the photos to expand and scroll through.