Towers Take Flight

May 25/26

It's been an action-packed few days here at Loon as the old Kanc Quad towers were dismantled and removed by helicopter on Tuesday, May 25. A crew from Doppelmayr systematically worked their way down the mountain, first removing the cross arm and then the tower itself. Each component was flown off site to be stored.

The following day, Wednesday, May 26 work began in the early morning transporting concrete from the base area to each of the Kanc 8 tower foundations, once again using the helicopter. A team at the base loaded a bucket of concrete whilst the pilot and ground crew poured a second bucket on the mountain, when the pilot circled back the empty bucket would be switched for the full bucket and so forth. 

Below are a few selected videos and photographs showing the tower removal and the pouring of the foundation. Click the photos to expand and scroll through. 

Title Tower removal time lapse
Title Tower removal