February Update

Behind The Scenes


Over the past 10 months’ work behind the scenes on the Kancamagus 8 has been all systems go. Impacts of the pandemic presented early concerns centered around manufacturing and construction, but our team has continued fine tuning details and the anticipation is mounting.

“The past 10 months have been exciting and obviously challenging. This project is the first step in re-envisioning our resort, so we have been putting the extra time in to make sure the result exceeds expectations.  Kanc 8 will be the catalyst of pioneering a new guest experience. There will be more challenges. We have plenty of long days ahead of us, but we have the best team possible to make it happen. We are all itching to break ground and get started.”

Brian Norton, VP of Operations 


A major component of the Kancamagus 8 will be the parking structure – where guests will load the lift. Design for the parking structure is almost finalized, as well as the general contractor for its construction. Doppelmayr has nearly finished fabricating the lift components in Austria, and once completed, they will be shipped to Loon in storage containers. There will be A LOT of containers coming this way, 80 to be exact.

Fun Fact: 80 x 40ft Long = 0.6 Miles – That’s over half a mile of containers.

Pictured Above: Kancamagus 8 Chairlift in Progress

Components are expected to arrive by the end of March, and it will be all hands-on deck as the resort naturally winds down for the end of the 2020/21 season. The Kancamagus Express Quad will take its final spin around the bullwheel this Spring and we hope you’ll be riding it until the end. The day after it closes, work will begin to get ready for its replacement. 

“The Kanc 8 project is a pivotal step in our 10 year plan — Flight Path 2030. The additional months of planning have allowed our team to dive deep into the details and we are all excited for these efforts to become a reality. This is truly an exciting time for Loon.”  

Jay Scambio, President and General Manager  

For now, the excitement builds within the Resort and we eagerly await the arrival of our first shipping containers. Watch this space for more details.  And as always, learn more at LoonFlightPath.com.