Reopening May 28

Loon is currently closed and will reopen for spring operations on May 28.

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Spring Operations
What you can expect

Spring Operations

What you can expect

What to expect this spring?

While this is subject to change, here is what we are planning.


South Peak

With forecasted weather challenges coming on Friday that will impact grooming operations, South Peak will be closed on Friday. South Peak will be open Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, April 3 will be the final day of operations for South Peak.

West Basin

Trails in the West Basin will be open daily through Sunday, April 3, and will reopen for one additional day on Saturday, April 9.

Special note: Snubber and Sarsaparilla trails will reopen on Thursday, April 7 through Saturday, April 9.

Loon Peak & North Peak

Open daily through April 17. Seven Brothers Triple will be open on the final weekend to get your final rides.


‘80s Day concert will be held outside the Governor Adams Lodge. Slushpool Party will be held on April 9, also outside the Governor Adams Lodge. Easter Sunrise Service will be held but will require all guests to purchase a ticket online for $5, which will benefit the Loon Mountain Area Community Fund and Loon Mountain Ministry.

New Spring Hours

For Final Weekends

On the last two weekends of the season, Loon will be shifting operating hours. On April 9 & 10 and April 16 & 17 lifts will open at 9:00am (instead of 8:00am) and lift closing times will be extended 1 hour too. Guest Services, Loon Mountain Sports and other services will open at 8:30am and closing times will be extended by one hour as well. Base lodges will open for restrooms starting at 7:00am (normal weekend time). During the midweek (Monday through Friday), normal operating hours will remain—lift hours will not be extended.


Seasonal Programs: Final day is March 26.

Group Lessons: Not available after March 27.

Daycare: Not available after March 27.

Private lessons: Available through April 10. Based on available terrain and staff availability. Beginning April 11, no lesson options are available.