snowboarder on u-shaped rail

Signature Features

Working with some of the best brands in the business can often lead to the creation of some next level creations. Be it for one of our signature events like Street Cred or simply for use in one of our award-winning public parks.

That's right ThirtyTwo is down with Loon Mountain! We didn't just collaborate with them to make the only custom boot in the East...we refabbed and tweaked a bunch of our jibs fleet. Next time you are in the park check out the ThirtyTwo Training facility. The 32TF is a section of our park dedicated to down rails progression...all day, every day.

ThirtyTwo Check out the 32TF at Loon

We’ve been working with High Cascade Snowboard Camp for many years now. They’ve been helping out with Lil’ Tweakers since it started, and it only makes sense to collaborate with them on a feature.

Replicating HCSC’s versatile 6” single barrel was a no’s been a constant and signature piece to HSCS summer park on Mt. Hood.

So we did just that - we’ve taken this feature and recreated it just for you, spec for spec. Just give it a slide you’ll think you were in Oregon.

Parks Report
High Cascade rail at Loon Mountain Replica of High Cascade Snowboard Camp Rail

Red Bull jibs with their signature blue seem to pop just right on winter snow. Many of these jibs are sidelined 'til our annual Street Cred event, but every now and then you'll find a couple set up in the Main Park. Come shred the Street Cred course to battle our the full arsenal of Red Bull jibs!!

Red Bull jibs Red Bull Jib Arsenal