snowboarder on u-shaped rail

PEEPs - Park Etiquette & Educational Program

Peeps logo

PEEPs is our very own terrain park etiquette and education program.  Once you've gone through the presentation, you will be entitled to one super sweet PEEPs pass...and yes it is FREE.  You maybe asking yourself...what does this mean?  What do I get with this pass?  

Here at Loon we pride ourselves on having the best park around!  Park users that know how to use our park features only help our mission for more FUN.  Knowing your park etiquette and being educated about terrain parks will always give you a better terrain park experience!  

What You Need to Do

All you have to do is get educated to click to get started, or click the PEEPs logo above, and follow the directions leading you through our program.  At the end you will get a voucher with two serial numbers that you will need in order to get your PEEPs pass.  Simply print out that voucher and take it to the Octagon or Governor's Snowsports desks any day of the week (during the season) to get your pass. If you are not able to print the voucher, simply write down the two sets of numbers and present them to get your PEEPs Pass.

Have Fun!