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Snowell Tuning Center

The new Loon Mountain Sports shop, located at the Gondola, offers the most advanced equipment tuning available and state-of-the-art equipment for you to demo - the perfect way to try before you buy!

The experienced staff at Loon Mountain Sports will effeciently and expertly tune your skis or snowboard to your liking using a Snowell® tuner, the same tuning machine used by World Cup racers. 

The Snowell® tuner offers a four-step process:

Snowell tuner1. Stone Grinding

During the stone-grinding process, the structure required to enable optimum gliding and steering is worked into the base. Before every service, we compensate for the base material stripped from your skis or board by applying more in advance. This means your equipment can be serviced again and again.

2. Side Edge Tune

The side edges are carefully sharpened and polished. The state-of-the-art Snowell tuning center TFT 4U prepares your skis or board in one smooth procedure, where all the steps of the service are well-coordinated to follow on from each other.

3. Base Edge Tune

The base edges are tuned 89°. This means the edges hold only when you turn. And that means you're no longer in danger of unintentionally "catching" an edge. All units used for surface tuning, side-edge sharpening, tuning and waxing are equipped with a pressure regulator, which means consistent tuning and polishing from the tip to the tail - no matter what the shape - is guaranteed.

4. Wax & Polish

Here we use hard wax, which is applied to preserve the new structure. If you choose our race tune, we'll apply a hand finish to your individual specifications.

Services and Rates

  I. The Works
Stone Grind, Base, Ceramic Edges, Base Extruded, Hot Wax
  II. Super Deluxe
Stone Grind Base, Ceramic Edges, Base Extruded, Buff Wax
  III. Deluxe Plus
Stone Grind Base, Ceramic Edges, Sidewall or Edge Attention, Buff Wax
  IV. Deluxe
Stone Grind Base, Ceramic Edges, Buff Wax
  Race Tune
"The Works", Hand Finished with Diamond Stones & Roto Brushed
Hot Wax $20  
Buff Wax $10  
Rust Removed $10  
Binding Adjustment $30  
Bindng Mount (System) $35  
Binding Mount (Flat) $50  
Constant Care
3 or more
Demos - Try up to 3 skis/day $50
All orders served with please and thank you!

Stop by Loon Mountain Sports at the Gondola, or call 603-745-81111 ext. 5567 for details.