Current Conditions:  April 19, 2014
  • New Snow: 0 "
  • Acres Open: 186
  • Parks Open: 1
  • Weather: 32°
  • Trails Open: 26
  • Miles Open: 13.3
  • Pipes Open 1
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Mountain Information Loon Serious Fun Guide

Click the links below to read our Serious Fun Guide:

Know the Symbols

If you’re new to skiing and snowboarding, take a minute or two to learn about trail ratings.

At Loon Mountain and other ski areas, trails are categorized in three ways: Green Circle, Blue Square, and Black Diamond. These symbols indicate the difficulty of a trail: Green Circles are for beginners, Blue Squares are good for intermediates, and Black Diamonds are suitable for advanced and expert skiers and riders. The most difficult trails, Double Black Diamonds, are for experts only.

If you’re a beginner, start on Green Circles until you get more comfortable. Better yet, take a lesson from one of our highly-trained instructors. They’ll show you the ropes and teach you the skills to ski or ride any level of terrain you want.

Remember, if you’re out on the mountain and have questions, feel free to ask Ski Patrol or our Ambassadors for help. They’ll point you in the right direction.